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About Dickory Dock

Dickory Dock Nursery is based within the old community rooms St. Thomas More Church which we lease from the Diocese of Hallam. We are a charitable organisation, non profit making company.

About Dickory Dock

Who are we?

Our setting is managed by a board of committee members and directors which have been with the setting many years and they have active roles in the operations of our setting. The committee is responsible for:

•    Monitoring/managing the setting's finances.

•    Involved in the safe - recruitment process.

•    Ensure that the setting is managed effectively. 


Making sure that we adhere to policies and procedures, that help it to provide a high-quality service; and making sure that the setting works in partnership with the children's parents.


The day to day running of the setting is the responsibility of the Nursery Managers. We are open 50 weeks per year.

Who are we?
Our Aims and Missions

Our values

To provide a stimulating, welcoming fun learning atmosphere to encourage your child’s development.


We are passionate about providing a high quality Childcare and Education, we believe that children learn through play, interaction and teaching as well as being in a warm, happy and fun environment, this enables us to support each child’s individual development.

Every child matters and each child is important to us and we want to promote their individual development through praise, guidance, encouragement and most of all working in partnerships with parents

Above all we provide a secure, friendly and caring environment in which you as the parents will feel completely relaxed and at ease when leaving your child in our care.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

We provide a wide range of sessions from 7:30am – 5:00pm

We offer a high ratio adult to child

Parents are kept informed by our app system called iconnect – parentzone

We feel we deliver a HIGH-QUALITY learning environment

We like to use the local environment for trips out, little visits etc

We carry out extensive assessments from the child starting the setting to also leaving

Key workers work very hard to gather an accurate insight to the child’s learning and
individual abilities

We feel early intervention is the best practice and follow necessary steps to ensure special education needs requirements are met at all times

We operate using a good methods in order to safeguard our child within our care

Staff have a good understanding of children abilities and learning styles

Staff engage with parents to ensure an accurate picture of the individual child is gathered

Home languages and cultural celebrations are celebrated within our setting

We have highly qualified staff who are always keen to continue their own learning

Extensive transitioning in to school is in process to ensure transitions in to schools are high

We extend or partnerships with parents with workshops, invited in to setting volunteer, join our committee we listen to all views and comments.

Parents have daily knowledge of what their child has been doing through observations, nappies sleep etc and can comment through the app

I hope you won’t forget me, I will always think of you and remember the happy times and fun things that we loved to do. I really would love to stay here I will miss you all lots. But I know it’s time for my next steps, but I'll forget you not

- Parent of Dickory Dock goer

Words cannot express just how much you all have been a part of our life’s. 8 years of fun filled happiness and exciting activities. Thank you!

- Parent of Dickory Dock goer

Can't express the amount of support you have all given to me and my son to support his development

- Parent of Dickory Dock goer

Where are we
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