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Waiting List

If you would like your child to be added to the waiting list please complete the forms below.

Children are able to start at Dickory Dock in the September after they have turned 3 years old. We do however have a small number of spaces available for children who turn 3 in Spetember or October. Children can stay in the Early Years group until they are 5 years old. 


Please note we request a minimum of 2 days attendance.


Please note that by joining the waiting list you are not guaranteed a space. 

Please ensure you enter your information correctly especially your childs DOB as this information help us search the database for those children who are at the correct age for enrollment. We cannot accept responsibility for forms that are completed incorrectly. Thank you.

If your child is due to turn 3 in September or October, you can request a place for the year they turn 3 but please complete the form for the following year just in case we are unable to offer them a place the year they turn 3.

We will be contacting parents no later than the March/April before their child is due to start, we will then invite you to visit the setting and complete an 'enrollment' form. On this form you will then be able to request days and wrap around. Once we recieve these forms back we will then allocate places. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee your child has a place until we have received these forms back. 

Once your child has been formally offered a place, we then require your first months fees or propotionof them (up to £100). If you decide not to take up the place, this is non-refundable.

Please add our email address ( to your contacts list to ensure any emails sent do not go to your spam folder. 

If you change your phone number and or email address before we are due to allocate places  (before they start), please submit the form again as we will be unable to contact you. Please make sure you add to the notes explaining that you have previously submitted the form so we can put your details in the correct place on the waiting list.

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Waiting List
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